Call for Nominations: George Bereday Award

In 1980 the first award committee was formed to review articles published in the Comparative Education Review. The mandate was to review all the articles published the preceding year for their importance in shaping the field, analytic merit, policy implications, concern for theoretical constructs and implications for future research. In 1989 the CIES Awards Committee formally named the award as follows: The George Bereday Annual Best CER Article Award. The award was first granted in 1981 and has been granted every year since then.

The George Bereday Award, as follows:

  1. The Awards committee Chair appoints a five-member subcommittee, including a Bereday Award Chair.
  2. The subcommittee members review all CER articles published during the year.
  3. After reading all articles each subcommittee member submits to the Bereday Award Chair a rank order of three possible nominees for best article.
  4. The Bereday Chair reviews all possible nominations, along with their rankings, and creates a final list of three to five nominated articles.
  5. The subcommittee takes final list and reviews justification and votes.

Note: If a second round is necessary the criteria used to rank these articles could be:

  • Strength of their theoretical framework.
  • Sophistication and/or innovativeness of the methodology used.
  • Soundness of the data collection procedures and analysis.
  • Social utility and implications for public policy.
  • Extent to which the article makes a unique contribution to the development of the field.

  1. The subcommittee Chair notifies the Awards committee Chair of the recommendation of the award-winning article no later than January 31.
  2. The Bereday Award committee Chair informs recipient of award and invites him/her to Annual CIES Conference.
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