Submission Guidelines for Individual Presentations and Individual Posters

Proposals for an individual presentation or poster should be 500-750 words in length and should include the following information even if the results, findings and/or conclusions are still preliminary at the time of submission:

  1. Objectives or purposes of the paper.
  2. Main perspective or theoretical/conceptual framework used.
  3. Analytical methods, research design, or modes of inquiry.
  4. Data sources or evidence.
  5. Results and/or conclusions.
  6. Significance of the study to the field of comparative or international education.

When you submit your individual proposal you will be asked to indicate your preferred format (poster/presentation); the Conference Committee will make every effort to honor your first preference but due to the quantity of submitted proposals, you may be assigned your second choice.

While a paper session offers the opportunity to present your paper alongside that of 3-4 co-presenters, poster sessions can be a highly effective way of presenting a larger research project allowing you to interact with a larger number of researchers in an informal and dynamic fashion.

Individuals may only submit ONE proposal*, including to any of the following sessions:

  1. a session in the general conference program; or
  2. a session organized by a CIES Standing Committee (Gender and Education, New Scholars, or Under-represented Racial, Ethnic and Ability Groups); or
  3. a session organized by a CIES Special Interest Group (SIG).

* Please note: Individuals submitting a proposal to the New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring or Publications Workshop may also submit a proposal to the general pool, to another Standing Committee OR a SIG.

To find out more about a Standing Committee or the 20 SIGs, please visit the CIES website at CIES (see sections on Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups).

Proposals should be electronically submitted through the CIES online submission system, and comply with the requirements detailed in the guidelines.

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